We know from experience that people just love to fellowship and for this reason, we have a beautiful Mall area where members and visitors can get together both before and after services.  The Mall boasts many restaurants (like The Waffler), where you can enjoy a quality breakfast or lunch and there is also a food court with three outlets ( Phola Coffee, Slice for Slice &  Just Curry) for fast-food and coffee that you can enjoy either on the premises or to take-away. We also have a sweet shop ( Candy  Express  ) to accommodate for kiddie cravings!


Be sure to stop by our Spa, for a massage. For your convenience there is also a Faith Resource Center Bookstore.


There are television screens throughout the Mall where a variety of sporting programs can be viewed both on weekends and during the week and any major sporting events are aired for your convenience.

The CFC Mall & restaurants will be open and operational during the Celebration 2019 week and don't forget to get a bite to eat at the various food trucks outside as well.


"What is  potential  without a plan?"

We at Christian Family Church offer you as a parent:

1. Well-equipped, qualified, loving teachers.

2. Development of your child spiritually.

3. Qualified Christian counsellors.

4. Praise & Worship, group interaction.

5. Age appropriate Bible teaching.

6. Qualified first aid member on call.

7. A safe, hygienic & secure environment.

8. High security.

If you have children, we are sure that you would be interested in visiting our dynamic ‘Children’s World’ facility where we will be happy to take you on a tour. An exciting curriculum, for ages 0-12 years, has been specifically designed to give your children a greater understanding of spiritual matters at their particular level. This is the most important reason why we do not allow under 10’s in the main auditorium, as we want them to receive their biblical education in an age-related manner. We know that you will be very pleased with these facilities, which are highly secure and child friendly.